Novel Therapies of Breast Cancer

In the field of carcinoma, two advances in targeted therapy have led to great strides within the understanding and treatment of carcinoma, namely hormonal therapy for estrogen positive receptor carcinoma and antibodies directed towards the inhibition of human epidermal protein receptor (HER) 2. These advances have revolutionized the understanding and also the treatment strategies for carcinoma. Often these targeted therapies are more practical and at the identical time less toxic than traditional regimens. The epidermal protein receptor (EGFR) may be a Tran’s membrane receptor with tyrosine kinase activity. Mutations during this pathway result in deregulation in tumor cell proliferation and differentiation which makes this pathway a sexy target for biologic therapies. Led by the success of trastuzumab's HER2 blocking capabilities in carcinoma, EGFR inhibition with a stress on HER2 inhibition continues to be a neighborhood of focus within the treatment of carcinoma patients. A far more than new agents directed towards the EGFR and HER2 pathway are introduced and still demonstrate promising results.


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